GROVERSONS-Tracing the Roots

The Groversons journey began in the year 1953, with the Late Mr. Chaman Lal Grover taking the first steps towards achieving his vision of creating a truly Indian lingerie brand that would cater to women’s every need. Consequently, Mr. Suresh Grover took the tradition forward and then handed over the baton to the present Managing Director, Mr. Rakesh Grover. He has been responsible for pioneering new initiatives to take the brand into the 21st century.

The Groversons Group has since continued to set new benchmarks by evolving its approach and offerings. It is the first company in the lingerie industry to achieve an ISO 9001:2000 certification. The group has grown exponentially and today owns five highly admired and well defined brands that stand out in their respective segments for their high quality, comfort and style. With the backing of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, wide network of distributors, wholesalers and retailers, it reaches out to customers in every age group across the length and breadth of the country. It is for this reason that it enjoys the distinction of being the first choice of Indian women. Groversons has now geared up & taken the “Lingerie Revolution” beyond India and into the global market.

The New Form of Innovation – Our Brands

Groversons’ brand portfolio encompasses the entire spectrum of products and target segments. Their commitment to high quality and a unique design sensibility has enabled the brand to create a loyal following amongst its customers. PARIS BEAUTY, the flagship brand of the group is known for its international and sensuous designs, comfortable cotton fabrics and imported laces.Although it is a brand that offers the most comprehensive and sophisticated range for all age groups, it redefines the term affordable fashion.


Just when we thought the winter chill would last forever, here comes a burst of sunshine. Paris Beauty has just launched their latest lingerie collection, and you can bet that it’s absolutely hot. The brand has taken a leap forward with a bold new theme that aims to reach out to a younger, more fashion conscious consumer, and bring the fun back into sexy. Each design is trendy, with a dash of vibrant colours, innovative cuts, smooth fabrics and exquisite styles. Making it perfect for the modern woman, who needs the freedom to juggle diverse looks in her professional and personal life. Be it western, traditional, casual or party wear, now here’s a collection that truly complements you, shapes your style and infuses a healthy dose of oomph. The designs are available in all sizes and provide the desired support and comfort for an activity-filled office day or a relaxing day out. With this new collection, Paris Beauty has truly evolved to bring a new dimension to inner wear. For those who already swear by the brand, you will find the same commitment to quality, but for those who want to try out their new collection, beware! Because you won’t wear anything else after.

Although it is a brand that offers the most comprehensive range for all age groups, a sub brand, Super Girl – Confidence is my second name, a sub-brand of Paris Beauty. It Exemplifies the evolution in quality, aesthetics and functional appeal, Super Girl’ bras are designed to elevate the inner confidence of women who are on the path to become super achievers. The brand’s sophisticated but subtle creations match the aspirations of those who want to look stylish but also want comfort and value.Sparsh, has been created to cater to the needs of 30+ women. It is the result of a study conducted by the company that showed how difficult it was for women to find comfortable lingerie made specifically to suit large sizes. Sparsh has become a name synonymous with comfort, reassurance, flawless support and value.

POEMS is an active wear brand for the young and young at heart, which includes sports bras, camisoles, cami sets and panties. Never before has there been a choice in lingerie that celebrates the rhyme and rhythm of an active schedule in a woman’s life.

MISS-T is a top of the line product for the modern teenager and stands for ‘girl power’ and freedom. Their products boast of the seamless support feature and an amazing range of colors, designs and sizes. These qualities make it the ideal choice for young women, whose wardrobe and attitude have undergone a sea change.

SUNAINA is a brand that promises affordable fashion. After all, who said fashion had to be expensive! It is targeted at women of all age groups who aspire to be fashionable but not at the price of value. Sunaina’s wide range of colours and designs thus provide a trendy choice for everyone. WINTA is the latest addition in Groversons’ portfolio. It is a premium brand that redefines the thermals category by innovatively enhancing insulation and also making it more stylish. It uses high quality and finely layered fabric that adapts to its surroundings ensuring slim fit styling and warmth all winter long.

Winning Chemistry

They say that there is no formula for success, but the right culture and processes can provide the impetus to achieve goals. Groversons, since its inception has been driven by quality in product, process and service. This has been their winning mix and has resulted in a range of quality products that are liked and trusted by customers. Being sensitive to customer feedback, the company has constantly strived to make improvements; be it in the product, process or service. To give their brand the competitive edge, the company even set up their own Design and Improvement wing two decades ago, which not only designs new products but also improves and upgrades existing products in the company’s style basket. The commitment of the company to deliver the goods at whatever the cost, is truly an exemplary quality. 

Power Communication

Making lingerie for women is a passion at Groversons, and they are known to excel in it. With constant innovation, in design, material and manufacturing techniques, they cater to the ever changing needs of every woman. Their design team comprises of recruits from the best fashion institutes in the country. And their goal is to constantly reinvent and redesign to ensure that every piece creates a stir among their target group. The manufacturing facilities at Groversons are state-of-the-art, and contribute in delivering a product that is comfortable, classy and of an international standard. With the latest stitching technology from Juki, Brother, Pegasus and online pressing systems, Groversons’ commitment to quality remains unquestionable. The Group has several ultra-modern molding machines which use the latest Italian technology to produce top-of-the-line seamless cup bras. Their brands belie trends and create a long lasting inner fashion statement for women who want to stand out.

The Ultimate Benchmark of Achievement

Groversons aims to be known as “The Most Comfortable Lingerie Brand in the World.” They are already renowned for their design prowess, value driven creations, high quality fabrics and exceptional service. So while it does look like a tough objective to achieve, the brands’ upward trajectory in recent years is proof that it is heading in the right direction.

Gearing Up for the Future

Groversons has big plans for the future. They are looking at expanding the brand across new verticals like export, and also focus on creating new products like leggings and night wear & bridal lingerie. They would like to penetrate deeper into existing markets through new supply chains, large format retailing, and also capitalize on the online boom through online stores. But of course, their paramount focus is quality and no effort is being spared to improve it in all aspects of the business.


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