Underwear as outerwear

Underwear as outerwear: The Lingerie trend

Trying out different styles and fabrics of lingerie are fine, but using them as outerwear sounds little adventurous, isn’t it? Well, that’s the drill here. It may sound bizarre to you initially, but trust me many famous celebs and bloggers are trying it out and they are rocking this new trend.

Suit the Bodysuits- Bodysuits are currently ruling the fashion market as it is been used for variety of styling purpose. Bodysuits can be worn with sheer fabrics dresses or shirts or even with skinny denims pants or skirts. It just gives an astonishing sophisticated look.

Show off your bra­­- Revealing the straps of your bra is not at all a big deal now, and now moving forward of it, showing your sexy patterned or lacy bras by wear a translucent top of chiffon would make you stand out. Wear it, and show of all those lacy bras of yours.

Wear it Sporty- How smart does a sports bra look? A lot right! Now pair your sports bra with a high rise denims and voila! There you go, with a casual outfit you appear to look damn outstanding. This outfit is way too comfortable and for sure if you try, it is going to become your next favorite daily wear.

Turn the night into day- The satin and lacy nightwear are not just comfortable but it looks very stylish as well. Isn’t it? What about wearing them during the day instead of night? Yes, your heard it right. Style your comfy nightwear with a coat or jumper of contrast colour. Due to the satin texture and lace patterns the look gives a very stylish classy vibe. 

Layer it the other way- Well, this one isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Not being harsh but saying the truth. Wearing the clothes with revealing lingerie is tried by many people, but wearing your lingerie above normal clothes? Nah, not all can get so bold. But yes, this is the truth here and this is being tried by many celebs.

Corset the dress- Do you want look sexy, yet not reveal you skin? Then this is just for you. Take out your corset and style it above your blazer or coat or top. In this cozy winter weather, where you usually wear pull-overs and baggy clothes and putting on a corset would give you a shape and make you look sexy.