Upcoming Trends for Summer ‘19

Revamp your lingerie cabinet with these chic alternatives, which have been meticulously picked in accordance with the style for 2019. A year ago, we observed the flood of 'innerwear as outwear' pattern.

Underwired Bras

Regular bras are obsolete and nowhere near to what a modern day woman desires. Lightweight, comfortable and wire-free bralettes  are going to blow up the market. These bras have variegated hues and patterns and are a potential replacement for outmoded tank tops. Dark colored lacy-bralette has people swooning over them, mostly because of the comfort level they offer. Furthermore, these are perfect for workout sessions as well, which again proves why these bras are so handy. Add these in your summer wardrobe and you won’t regret buying these.

Lacy Bralettes

If you fancy wearing lacy bras, lacy bralettes might be what you’re looking for. No one really thinks that beautiful lacy detailed bralettes are out of fashion. Lacy Bralettes are probably the only kind of innerware that adorn any body type. Once again, a must have for your summer collection.

The Rage of Cage

 This one is approved by all the style gurus and best believe, the cage bras will dominate the market in 2019. Its strappy look with intriguing balconette neckline is what got everybody’s attention. If you wish to wear something that is contemporary and classic and bold, of course, you should definitely try the rage of cage. Low-neckline tops and dresses are some of the wardrobe combinations recommended by experts that go in sync with the cage trend.